Monday, December 29, 2008

Mystery Quilt

A few months ago, my aunt (my quilting buddy) and I decided to do our own mystery quilt.  We had originally wanted to take a class somewhere but couldn't find any that we really liked, so we decided to do something ourselves.

We decided that we would each pick a pattern and an inspirational fabric for the other person to use.  We would then type out the step-by-step directions that we would give to the other person as we moved along.  We'd then meet up at one of our favorite quilt stores, present the inspirational fabric to the other person along with the fabric requirements.  In the end, the quilt that we were making would be given back to the person who picked the pattern and fabric.  (I'd keep the one we made if I had to choose next time.)

We really enjoyed doing the mystery quilt.  It was fun not knowing what you were making and seeing it evolve over time.  It was also fun seeing how the other person was interpreting the directions I provided and how they were picking the fabric.  It was obvious that we would each have picked different fabrics and where we placed 
the fabrics if we knew the design. 

As you can see with the photo below, I would have placed the colors differently, especially the yellow.  The inspirational fabric that was given to me was the border.  It was a step out of my comfort zone since I usually pick more modern/funky fabrics instead of the flowery, more traditional fabric.

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