Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Well, I'm back from our vacation.  "What vacation?" you're probably wondering.  Well, we went on an Alaskan cruise with my hubby, my parents, and my sister.  Here are a few teaser pics.  I haven't had the chance to go through all of my 1000 pictures yet since we just returned what was supposed to be last night but ended up being 3 am after several delays.  Lets just say it was one of the most frustrating trips home ever.  

I even managed to find a few quilt shops.  The fabric that's rolled is a panel of one of the towns we visited designed especially for that town and printed by Robert Kauffman.  


  1. I have the smaller version of that same pattern. I love it! It makes a really cute Linus quilt. I'm glad you had a great vacation.

  2. Which cruise did you take? My husband and I, along with 12 other various relatives just came back home on the 22nd from a Royal Carribbean cruise. We left from Vancouver, ended up in Seward, and took a train to Anchorage. What a trip!! I want to go back! Hubby bought me a kit to make as a remembrance from our trip. I picked up more fabric in each shop at all the ports!