Monday, November 23, 2009

Fire & Ice Top Completed

After a hiatus from quilting after being hit by the dreaded H1N1 virus, I was finally able to get back into my quilting room this weekend and finish the Fire & Ice top that I asked your opinions on earlier this month on the border.  100% of the people I asked, both online and with people that I asked in person, that I should extend the inner border to accentuate the corner squares.  Without further adieu, here it is:

It's not the best picture since it was taken last night at 10:30pm, but you get the idea.  The lime green isn't as bright in person as it looks in the picture too.   Most of the fabric is from the Jacobean Arbor line from Timeless Treasure and Mark Lipinski's Elements line if you were wondering.

Now to come up with a real name for the quilt.  Fire & Ice was the name of the pattern and Carol Doak's quilt that she made for the pattern/class.  I don't think I want to use the same name, so any suggestions? 


  1. Love how it came out, just beautiful. I love how you extended the borders out. I do think it did accentuate the corner blocks. No name suggestions here, yet. But I will think of something.

  2. Looks great!

    Maybe something with Green Sherbert Surprise? Of course, that's probably just b/c the green stands out in the picture, but of course you said the green isn't quite so bright in person. So just ignore me! ha!

  3. Love the quilt and the fabulous quilting!

    Hot & Cold

    Flames of Fire

    Sea of Fire