Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Presents!

So last weekend was my birthday, and my husband made me a fantastic present, a cutting table!

We bought a cheap desk at Target and found board made out of some really nice quality wood glued together and sanded down at Lowe's.  My DH sanded it down more so that it was really smooth, and gave it 4 coats of polyurethane.  He then attached it using t "L" brackets on each side to sit on top of the desk so that the board didn't move around at all.  The nice thing about this cutting table is that it's lower than most, and being 5'1", that really helps me.  (don't mind the mess on the floor in the pic, I'm still rearranging things now that the table is in the room.)  The whole table cost less than $100 total for all the materials. 

My wonderful DH also bought and installed this for me, a pegboard that sits right above my cutting table.

It's awesome because now all of my cutting tools and other quilting tools are all within an easy reach right at my cutting table.   I love it!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful present to you. Great way to get organized!