Monday, January 11, 2010

Gathering Pics

So right after Christmas, KK, Lynn, and I got together for a quiltathon.  We all used the Thimble Blossom's pattern, Pint Sized to make our quilts.  KK and I made the honeybun version and Lynn made the charm pack version.  Here are some pictures of our fun day...

Here's Lynn working on her teeny tiny pinwheels...

Here are some of those teeny tiny pinwheels made with a Spring Magic Charm Pack.

And one more shot of a lot more (both pics are before they're trimmed)

Here are KK's rectangles using an Aviary Honeybun.  Here's the first two.

And quite a few more...

And I only managed to get one pic of the first two rectangles I made using a Wonderland honeybun.  More pics of mine to follow.

I've been doing a lot of work lately on some machine quilting for a secret quilt that I can't post here.  I'm really enjoying my new machine.  The machine quilting on it is multitudes better than my old one.  It's amazing what kind of difference there is between machines.


  1. Hi Jen, thanks for the comment on my blog re the BSR! Congratulations on your new Bernina! I agree I like the hand control better.

    Looks like you and your friends had a great quilting day.... Love your blog!

  2. I like your colors the best!

  3. That was a fun day! Looking forward to another sometime soon.