Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fiesta! Class Part 2

A little over a week ago we had our second Fiesta! class.  We worked on another type of block.  First, here's a pic of 4 of my blocks from the first style of block we worked on.  I have another 4 of this kind of block left to make.
Here are Lynn's 8 blocks.  Awesome, aren't they?
KK wasn't able to join us this class as she was traveling for work.

And here's the new block that I worked on during our last class.  It still needs some trimming on the top and left, but you get the idea.  The top spikes also aren't attached to the rest of the block.  Once it is it will fit flush with the rest of the block.

Our final class is this Thursday!  


  1. This is amazing you do beautiful work! thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing this quilt as your progress! Is there a book for this pattern?

    Happy Quilting,

  2. Can't wait to see them all together, this class would be really fun.

  3. I like these a lot!!!! I like the curves in it!


  4. Your blocks are so well done. I like your color and fabric choices. I am always attracted to circular blocks.