Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Quilt Tutorial

I made this baby quilt for a friend with a matching baby bumper and I thought I'd share this quilt as a tutorial.

(I used Eden by Tula Pink for this quilt, except for the yellow)

Purple (nine-patch and binding): 1 yard
Green (nine-patch) : 1/2 yard (you'll use almost exactly 1/2 yard, so if you may want a little extra for a buffer)
Purple/Green Vine (blocks): 3/4 yard
Yellow (inner border): 1/2 yard
Border: 3/4 yard (you'll need exactly this, so you may want a little extra for a buffer here as well)
Backing: 3 yards

Finished Quilt size: 42" x 54"

Cutting Instructions:
1. From the purple, cut 8-2 1/2" strips for the nine-patches.
2. From the green, cut 7-2 1/2" strips for the nine-patches.

3. From the purple/green vine fabric, cut 3-6 1/2" strips.
4. Cut 17-6 1/2" squares out of the 3 purple/green vine strips that you cut in step 3.

5. Cut 6-2 1/2" strips out of the yellow inner border fabric.
6. Cut 6-4 1/4" strips out of the border fabric.

1. Take 6 purple strips and 3 green strips and sew them into three sets of purple/green/purple strips, pressing towards the purple.

2. Take 4 green and 2 purple strips and sew them into two sets of green/purple/green strips, again, pressing towards the purple.
3. Take your sets of purple/green/purple strips and cut 36-2 1/2" strips.

4. Cut your green/purple/green strip sets and cut them into 18-2 1/2" strips

5. Sew 18 of your purple/green/purple strips to the 18 green/purple/green strips

6. Add your remaining 18 purple/green/purple strips to the other side of the green/purple/green strips.

7. Sew 14 of the nine-patches to 14 of the 6 1/2" squares

8. Sew your sets created in step 7 into 7 rows of 2 nine-patches and 2 squares

9. Take your remaining 4 nine patches and 3 squares and add them to the end of the 7 rows so that you have 4 rows that begin and end with a nine-patch and 3 rows that begin and end with a square.

10. Sew your 7 rows together to begin assembling your quilt top, alternating the nine-patches and the squares.  
11. Add the inner border
12. Add the outer border
13. Piece your backing
14. Baste, quilt, and bind the quilt and enjoy!

Baby Bumper
I also made a baby bumper using additional nine-patches and squares and a 2 1/2" yellow border.  I used 13 nine-patches and 13 squares to make a really long bumper to wrap around a crib.  I used an additional  yard of purple for the nine-patch and binding, 1/4 yard of the green for the nine-patch, 3/4 of a yard of yellow for the border and 1 1/2 yards for the backing.

Enjoy.  I'd love to see pictures if you decide to make one.