Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilt Flashback

As I was embarking on what would become an avid hobby for myself about 5 years ago I made this bargello quilt for my dad for his 50th birthday.  
It was made before I discovered quilt shops, so it's made with some mediocre fabric from one of those big chain craft stores.  
I had it professionally quilted since I had been using my mother's sewing machine to piece it and had no idea how to do machine quilting.  
It now sits in my parents great room on the back of the rocking chair that my parents used to rock my sister and I to sleep when we were babies.  


  1. You did a fantastic job for it being your first quilt!

  2. I love well loved quilts and this is clearly one of them!

  3. I have snuggled up with this on many nights!