Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Quilters Gathering II - The Quilts and a Rant

On Sunday we went back to A Quilters Gathering to take another "class" (more on that later) and see the quilts on display.  I'm always inspired by the quilts I see in these shows.  After viewing some of the quilts though, I felt more motivated to enter some of my quilts in upcoming shows.  I'm thinking of entering my fire and ice quilt in a few shows once I get it back from the quilter.

Without further adieu, the quilts:

No my rant.  KK, Lynn, and myself signed up for a half day class on Sunday to make a poppy wall hanging. Prior to the class we were sent the supply list by the organizers of the show and we all went out and bought everything necessary.  In total, I probably spent over $100 in supplies for this class.  When we showed up, the teacher, Lenore Crawford, was wondering why everyone in the class had all of these supplies when this was just a lecture.  WHAT?!?  Um, we had all of our supplies because we were told that this was a class and we were sent a supply list to have for the class.  She then went on to blame the show for not communicating with us properly.  Then, she questioned everyone in the class as to whether or not we really expected to work on a project in a half day class and that it wasn't possible.  I then said that in our half day class yesterday we were able to finish our project from start to finish.  With a snarky remark, she then responded that people in her full day class hadn't even finished their quilt and she questioned whether or not we would be able to create a decent quilt in just 3 hours.  Needless to say, everyone was very put off with her attitude towards everyone and the clear lack of communication between everyone, between Lenore and the festival organizers, and the organizers to the participants.  On top of that, Lenore seemed very off her game throughout the lecture since this was her 4th or 5th day teaching in a row.  I can understand if you're tired, but don't commit to teach a class if you aren't able to handle it.  Basically, I was very disappointed with this "class."  I spent all of that money to register for the class and buy all of the "required" supplies only to listen to the teacher's history and how she does her technique without even getting to try our hand at it and ask questions in person. 


  1. I hope you got your money back for the should be refunded every cent! That is unbelievable. I would be VERY put off.

  2. First of all....I love all of those quilts...amazing work.

    Second...that just stinks...I too hope you get your money back.

  3. First, a thank you for the show pictures. I want (one day) to make a medallion quilt with a feathered star center and two of the quilts pictured gave me ideas.

    I'm so sorry you had such a bad class experience. The teacher was very unprofessional to blame the students for what was clearly an error on the part of the organizers (and I wonder what was printed in the show brochure?) and was wrong to criticize what was done in another teacher's class unless she had taken that class herself. She is clearly not worried about filling future classes since in this internet age word could easily get around about her attitude. She should have helped you guys get refunds since the results are going to hurt her reputation more than the show organizers.

  4. I'm with you. I would have been sixteen shades of livid and pissed off.

  5. Here I am roaming through Blog Land and I stumble upon your blog - which is Fabulous!! As I scroll down at all of your quilt photo's from The Gathering I notice MY quilt!!! I couldn't believe it! Boy is it something to see your work on someone else's blog!! Thank you!! It was the BIG nine patch of the batik appliqued flowers call Batik Stars in the Garden.

    Sorry to hear about your bad class experience - don't let it spoil your memory of a great weekend. The same type of experince happen to my sister and I when we travel to Paducah and took a really horrible class - it does leave you feeling like you've wasted your money. Hope all of your other classes were great!