Friday, February 25, 2011

Binding Choices

I've been auditioning some fabric choices for my newly quilted quilt and I thought I'd ask for opinions.  I have my opinion and my DH has his, but I wanted some other opinions. 

Here are three choices pinned up next to the quilt.  All three of these fabrics appear in the quilt.

The purple is the background fabric in the star blocks:

The green in the darker green used in the stars, darker than the large patch of green.

The maroon is the one used with the pink in the stars.

I don't have enough of the light blue in the sashing to use for the binding.  I wish I did because I think that would look nice.  
Thoughts???  What one do you prefer?  Or would you go with something different?


  1. I think it needs something besides repeating the blue. My picks would be the maroon or purple in that order. In the big photo, the purple sort of gets lost but you may prefer that subtle look.

  2. I agree with Carol. In the far away picture the maroon looks best, but up close the purple looks good too.

  3. Don't use the blue even if you have it, in conjunction with the sashing it would lead the eye away from the center.

    Safest choice is the purple if it's less than 24" per side.
    If bigger, I'd take all the colors in the corner star, less the blue, and make candy-cane stripe binding.

    It is a very pretty piece, how big is it?

  4. I think any of the three would look good BUT do you have enough of the light turquoise color to do a thin border around the entire quilt? That would set off the purple and also the other colors.

  5. I like the maroon, for sure. Beautiful quilt.

  6. PURPLE PURPLE! Ok I love the purple myself. Lovely quilting in this project!!!