Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adding Crystals

While at MQX last weekend I got some supplies to add crystals to quilts.  I decided to add some to my Moonlit Sky quilt.  (Yes, that's the name I have decided on.)
Sure, my crystals aren't in a perfectly straight line, but I really like how this is coming together.  Because there's just some straight line quilting on the stars, I feel like the lines of crystals really enhance the simple quilting and the stars themselves. 

In this light green section I decided that less is more here.  I want to showcase the amazing quilting first and foremost.  The crystals are really here to enhance the quilt.  

I still have a lot of crystals to add, and I have to order more since I completely underestimated the number of crystals I would need.  You would think a package of 144 crystals would go a long way but it really doesn't. 
I like that from far away you really can't tell that there are crystals.  You can tell they're there from the sparkle and the faint appearance of a line. In this picture there are crystals in the purple, the blue stars and the green.

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