Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Paper Piece Series - Books & Patterns

I'm continuing with my series on paper piecing.  Today I'll talk about books and patterns I recommend. You'll see a trend, mostly Carol Doak books and patterns.  Carol is the queen of paper piecing and does a fantastic job of explaining how to paper piece and comes up with some great patterns.  I'm not really a big fan of her fabric and color choices, but I look beyond that to the great patterns.  There are so many other books and patterns out there that I can't cover them all.  I'm only going to highlight a few that I find interesting. 

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To start, I would highly recommend that if you're interested in paper piecing to join the Carol Doak Yahoo group.  There's a link on the right rail of my blog to take you there.  On Carol's site she posts tons of free patterns, including blocks of the month series, holiday patters, milestone blocks, etc.  You can also learn tips and tricks from members and ask questions.  It's free to join and you can get a lot of great patterns and advice on here.

My favorite book right now is Carol Doak's Mariners Compass Stars book.
This is the book where I got the pattern for my Moonlit Sky quilt.
I like this book because it includes block patterns and shows you how to use the blocks in different quilt designs.

The next book I recommend is also Carol's.  It's 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars. 
I love this book because it has a lot of patterns that range in skill level.  Some blocks might have as few as 6 pieces per section (there might be 8 per block) and others have as many as 15-20+.  It's great for beginners and experts. This book was the first book I got on Paper piecing and used to make my first paper pieced quilt.
This is the quilt that stated it all.  I made one block in an intro to paper piecing class and made eight more because I was hooked.

Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way is another good book.  While I haven't made anything from this book yet, I've used this book as a reference to strip piece and save time.  I don't follow the same technique, but I learned some tips and modified it to my preference.  There are some great patterns in here as well.

There are also many patterns out there for paper piecing.  I am currently working on the Fiesta! pattern by Possibilities.
The paper piecing directions are not very good in this pattern, but the actual pattern's provided are a great way to try a New York Beauty quilt.  There are a bunch of New York Beauty patterns out there using paper piecing, so look around to find a pattern that you like the best.

Google - Google is your friend when it comes to paper piecing patterns.  There are a TON of great paper piecing patterns out on the world wide web for free.  If you're looking for a free leaf pattern, just search for it.  I have found so many awesome patterns just by doing a search.

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