Monday, November 14, 2011

Continuing Storm at Sea

This past weekend I busted out the 32 6.5" square blocks for the storm at sea quilt that I'm working on for my parents.
Now, these may not seem that complex, but they sure seem to take a long time.  Maybe that's just because there are 32 of these.  Multiply that times the number of seams in this block - 8 and you have 256 seams.  Okay, now that makes sense.  Add in another 32 pieces because there are 9 pieces in this block and you have 288 pieces that were cut for just this block.

 Add in the 42 blocks that I already made and that's a lot of pieces.  This quilt will have 1026 pieces to it. 
It's coming together though.  Only 72 more blocks to go!  At least those blocks just have 5 pieces to them.

For some strange reason, Dorie from Finding Nimo just popped into my head singing, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."  Hmm, I might be swimming in blocks by the time I'm done with this...

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