Friday, December 16, 2011

Drawing Fabulous Fun Feathers

Last month I took a class with Sue Nickels at A Quilters Gathering up in Nashua, NH.  The class, drawing fabulous fun feathers, was a three hour class on Saturday evening.  No sewing machine, no fabric required, just some paper, a pencil and ruler. 
Sue was a fantastic teacher and really helped us understand how to draw feathers.  The technique we learned was to draw feathers on paper to then trace onto fabric and quilt.
This was my first attempt.  Eh, not that great. They look very stiff.  You could see them becoming less stiff towards the top as I got the hang of it more and more.

Sue's were much less stiff looking than mine started out as.
I slowly got the hang of it though.  See, these flow much better.
The circle was a bit challenging.
The heart was interesting.  You draw one half and trace it onto the second half by folding the tracing paper in half.
I then created this design which I later turned into the quilt from my last post.
To start, I traced the design with a permanent marker and then traced it onto the fabric before quilting it.  I'm pleased with how it came out.

Now I need to figure out how to "funkify" my feathers.  

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  1. Oh that class seem like a really good one, thank you for sharing what you learned! *is off to draw feathers of her own*

    Loving your quilting in the silver thread, gorgeous!