Thursday, September 27, 2012

Modern She Made Swap Round 2

I've had a lot going on personally this month, so I haven't really been doing much sewing.  When I say a lot, I mean a lot. It's just not something I'm comfortable sharing in such a public forum right now.  As a result, I haven't really been in the mood to quilt since I've been dealing with a lot.  Having Angela Walters come visit last weekend and spending time with the guild was very helpful and finally got me in the mood to get back to sewing.  In addition, to help get me through these difficult times, I decided that I was just going to jump into a few things to keep me busy.  One of those things is the second round of the Modern She Made swap.

I participated in the first round and really enjoyed it.  I made this awesome pillow that I hated to give up, but
I did.  I also received a great mini quilt and armrest pincushion that I use whenever I bind my quilts.

Here's the mosaic that I put together for inspiration for my partner.  I asked for a pillow for either my basement where I just redid it in a grey and yellow color scheme or my guest bedroom that I'm redoing in a blue/grey wall color with lime and fuchsia accents.  I also said I could use a mini quilt for the space too. 
I really enjoyed this swap last time and I'm looking forward to making a new item for my partner and seeing what is made for me.

This is the initial design that I sketched up for my partner.  It will be a pillow with the background being made in a bunch of low-volume prints in a postage stamp style.  The colors will be in some earth tones and there will be a pieced wonky leave that is appliqued down to the top of the pillow.

Time to get cracking on this one.


  1. Love what you've got planned!!! So glad your sewing mojo is back;-)

  2. I love the pillow you gave up. I can see why it was hard.
    Everyone seems to be having difficulties these days, including me. My leg is in a cast and there's a tumor in my gut. So whatever it it, we are in this together. Hang in there, it will get better,

  3. My husband and I fight over that pillow. Hope you have me again! :D