Friday, August 9, 2013

Sticks and Stones

Before I left for Costa Rica, I put the finishing touches on my Lowell Quilt Festival Challenge Quilt - Sticks and stones.

This quilt was inspired by Jackie Gering's Craftsy class. I've enjoyed making more improvisational quilts these days, although I'll never shy away from designing my own paper pieced patterns.

I don't know what it is about this quilt, but it was very difficult to photograph. I tried a whole bunch of locations, but so many of the photos turned out blue, even when I used my really nice SLR. It's a reminder that I really need to invest in some editing software. I just always prefer to spend my money on fabric.

This block was made as four different blocks. I started with a bunch of strips of fabrics based on the inspirational color palette.

I quilted this, offsetting a handful of straight lines, horizontal and vertical. Once I had a handful of straight lines, I quilted out from the intersection.

Here you can really see what I did for the quilting. I think it gave the quilt a really cool effect.

Quilt Stats:
Sticks & Stones
20" x 20"
Fabric: STASH!!!
Thread: Aurifil #50 #2610


  1. Looks lovely, Jen! I use PicMonkey to edit a lot of my photos. It's nothing like PS but for color and exposure correction it's usually pretty serviceable. And it's free for the basic service (small fee for premium) and super easy to use. (I swear they don't pay me)>. :)

  2. Alexis is right. Picmonkey is easy to use and does the job well enough for me. I have PS Elements, but I use it so rarely, I have to relearn each time. You can easily add text (watermark) in Picmonkey, too. They don't pay me either!
    Love your quilt! That was a fun class.

  3. Wow! This is lovely. I love this pattern. I know sometimes it is tough to photograph quilts with light background.

    So true, I too would spend money on my fabric given an option ;).

    Love your straight line quilting too!

  4. Isn't Jacqui's class fabulous. It is probably one of my fav Craftsy classes. I love what you have made. Very cool.

  5. This is really nice! I like it alot and you obviously got the 'slash and insert' technique down!

  6. Love the colors, they are a bit different. The quilting is awesome.