Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm Back

After a stressful week of finals for school, I packed up and trekked north for our annual retreat in Kennebunk, ME.

We set up in a large gym and spent the long weekend sewing, talking, drinking and eating. I'll let you figure out what we did more of. ::wink wink:: There were 38 of us from the Boston and Seacoast MQG's all itching to sew and talk to people that like to sew. I'll share some of what I worked on later this week. Check out the Boston MQG blog for a great recap of our retreat.

After retreat, I scooted home and quickly packed for a little spring break vacation with one of my friends. I had a week off of school, so I took advantage of it and made a beeline out of New England for warmer weather in the Dominican Republic. After this winter, I needed some warmth and humidity.

Now that I'm fully rested, it's back to work and school. I'm also excited to say that I now have a fully functional domestic and longarm sewing machine, so I can finally do some sewing at home.

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