Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby Geese Quilt

I feel like the past month and a half has been uber productive for me, for no other reason other than I finished not only a divided basket, but this baby quilt. 

Yes, this is my Michael Miller challenge quilt, which doubles as a baby quilt for my cousin's new son. When I got the fabrics earlier this year, I thought they'd make for a fun baby quilt. I was right. 

I had to rush to finish this one though. I had the binding half hand sewn to the the back, when I got a text from my cousin on November 26th - his son was born a couple of weeks early. So I got to work that day, finishing sewing the binding and washing the quilt so that I could gift them this new quilt on Thanksgiving the next morning. 

I just did some simple straight line quilting, which always seems to take longer than planned. Why do I always pick things that take a lot of time? Who knows? But I love the effect. As I was part way through quilting, I was worried that they quilt would be too stiff with all of the quilting, but fortunately it wasn't. The backing is something I picked up at Marden's during retreat a few years ago. I forget what it is. I quilted this with 50wt Aurifil on my Bernina this time around. 


  1. It looks amazing. The straight line quilting looks great and really brought the Quilt to Life.

  2. Oooh, I love it! Is it your own design? Mind if I hijack it? I, too, did the MM challenge. It was fun. And I have a pattern for a divided basket, but it's still sitting there, unused - some day I WILL make it!

  3. Love your straight line quilting, glad to hear it didn't make the quilt too stiff. How far apart are the lines?