Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Step One Complete

I completed step one of the McCall's Mystery Quilt tonight.  I had already made the star blocks, but I needed to make the rectangular blocks.  Here's one of the finished block.  I'm making it mostly out of blues and yellows with hints of reds and greens.  The examples shown have been a bit more random, but I wanted to be a little more uniform.  We'll see if it pays off when the quilt is complete.
Here are all of the blocks.  Step two is already out, so I still have some catching up to do, but I'l get there eventually.  


  1. Very cheerful colors. I can't wait to see how this mystery quilt turns out. I'm sure it will be beautiful.


  2. I can't wait to see the rest. I just love the colors. Is that Mark Lipinski's fabric?

  3. It absolutely is Mark Lipinski fabric.

  4. I think it looks great so far! I, too, can't wait to see the rest. Love your blog, and have signed up to follow it!