Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two more BOMs Done

I got two more BOMs done today.  I started the May one yesterday, but it had a ton of pieces for a 7" block, so it ended up getting finished today.  I really love this block.   The picture really doesn't do this one justice. 
I also got the June BOM done today.  I ended up feeling ambitious after I finished the May one and moved right onto the June one.  I enjoy this one as well, but it's just hard to beat that May one above. 

Here's these two with the other 7 for a total of 9 (Jan through June and Oct through Dec).  Just another 3 to go (July through September)...


  1. That sure will be a neat quilt when you are done. I am not that ambitious yet...haven't tried something with that many pieces...looks great!

  2. The may one is great. my favorites are (besides May): top left, middle left, and top right. GO, JEN, GO