Monday, September 21, 2009

Blooming 9-Patch Mid-Assembly

I've finally finished all of the nine patches for the blooming nine patch I'm making for my cousin's wedding next May.  I'm hoping to have it done so I can give it to his fiance at her shower.  I cut out all the squares and am in the middle of assembling it.  Here are a few pics.  I think I'm going to put a border on it using the same fabric in the outer most section (the triangles) since that fabric was the inspiration for the entire color scheme.  

I managed to squeeze a little battery life out of my camera, but I still can't find my charger.  I may need to suck it up and buy a new one.  Hopefully I'll be able to share more quilting photos soon.


  1. It's gorgeous! So much work!
    Hope you find that charger!

  2. It really looks just beautiful! They will just love it!