Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DQS 11 - DONE!

I finished my DQS 11 Quilt this weekend and sent it off to its soon-to-be new owner.  I love the way it turned out.
The orange totally isn't me, but it works.  My partner loved oranges, greens and blues.  She also liked a lot of simple, straight line quilts.

I really hope my partner likes it.  She didn't comment on a single photo that I posted, so I'm nervous now.  Quite honestly, I was a bit frustrated that my partner didn't comment at all.  To add to it, I was then questioned by the organizers of the swap about the quality of my work.  I was quite taken back and felt insulted.  Why would I participate in a swap and send sub-par work?  Its left a sour taste in my mouth for this swap and I'm not sure I want to participate in the next round. 


  1. Swaps are hard. The organizer has probably had complaints from time to time and has to be sure she has asked all the questions she should.

    I swapped with someone who sent me something the day that we got our partners assigned. It was a cute quilt but it so was not me.

    Don't give up on swaps. For me I swap because I like trying a new technique in a small quilt and enjoy giving it to someone who will appreciate it (hopefully).

  2. Your quilt is really a good looking quilt. I am not sure why you would be questioned by a swap. I have done block exchanges with friends and online craft swaps.

    I guess my thought is if you are going to totally dictate a "swap" quilt to your partner then why don't you make the quilt on your own? Swaps are like potlucks, you just never know what you will get!

  3. I'm so, so sorry Jen that I didn't comment on your photos in the pool. With a toddlerpulling on my leg all day, there are some times when I see something and plan to go back and comment when I get the chance. I thought for sure that I had commented. I feel very badly that you didn't have a good swap experience. Thank you again for the quilt! I really do appreciate it, and have it waiting in the car for my girls to see when I get them from school.

  4. Jen, how funny that I just met you at the BMQG and you sent to one of my best blogging friends.

  5. dont know if this comment will be seen or not, but the questioning of your quilt was on the binding. that particular bit does not show in your pic.
    we take the DQS very seriously and try to make sure everyone receives something made with care/love and to receive the same. sorry you felt the need to say something in a public forum instead of talking with one or all of the mamas.

  6. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with DQS, but as one of the Mama's I must defend the person who sent you the comment on your binding. As a Mama, we take our jobs very seriously. We are dealing with over 700 people in this group, and anyone who lists themselves as an Advanced quilter, is expected to send advanced work. While your quilt is quite lovely, it really wasn't up to the same standards as your other work you had posted, so it seemed to your Mama that maybe you rushed the job a bit. I don't think she meant to insult you. Because of your advanced classification, you were paired with someone equally advanced. I'm glad Krista is happy with it, so all is well that ends well. I do think that posting negative comments about your partner is in poor taste however, but its your blog.