Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lowell Quilt Festival 2011

Today marks the opening of the Lowell Quilt Festival 2011.  As you know, I submitted my quilt, Moonlit Sky to the show and it was accepted.  I decided to submit it for fun and to share a quilt that I absolutely love.  I wasn't entering it into the show with the expectation that I would win anything, especially since I've never entered a juried quilt show before.

I'm planning on heading over to the show tomorrow afternoon.  I'm going to take a half day and go with my mom and my aunt to see my quilt hanging there next to so many fantastic quilts.  If you're visiting, check out my quilt, and if you think it's awesome, vote for it for people's choice!  Honestly, vote for the one that you like the best, I just hope it's mine. 

I have a list of winners already, even though the show hasn't opened, and there are some very talented quilters being showcased at the show. 

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