Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Goodies

As usual we had an awesome Christmas and I managed to get a few quilting goodies.

My biggest gift this year was a new sewing table - a new Horn cabinet!
The insert to fit my machine is on order and should arrive in the next 4-6 weeks.  For now I'm just using the extension that came with my machine.
Here's a different view with Misy cozying up on my other extension table.  The best part is the back part lifts up giving me more room when I machine quilt a quilt.
I received a box of mini bolts to help organize my ever growing stash.  I had been just cutting up random boxes to wrap fabric around, but this is so much better.
So my husband teases me all the time about my fabric stash and the fact that I'd never need to by fabric for the rest of my life.  He gave me this sign that he had made on Etsy.

I also got this clock so that I can finally tell what time it is when I'm sewing. 
KK got me this great light box since 2011 was the year of learning applique for me.  I've already put this to good use. 

In addition, I got a bunch of paint sticks, which I've never played with but been curious about.  I got two really nice seam rippers. 

Overall, we had a really nice Christmas, spent some great time with family, and ate lots of food.  Now to put everything to good use!

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