Monday, January 9, 2012

Storm at Sea Top is FINISHED!!!!

I finally managed to get some halfway decent photos of my completed Storm at Sea quilt top. I love looking at all of the different patterns that emerge as you look at this quilt.  When I show people this quilt, I'm always interested in what stands out to them first.  What pops for you? 

I LOVE this quilt top.  The colors are more earthy that I would have picked for myself, but because it's going to be hanging at my parent's beach house, on a yellow wall, this quilt will fit perfectly there.  It finishes at 57" x 66".

Here's a view from the side.
And here's a picture of the back.  I love how neat the back of a quilt looks when you remove the paper.  All of the seams are pressed so nice and it looks so neat.  I just have to go back with some tweezers and remove some of the tiny bits of paper before sending this along to Judi at Green Fairy Quilts to work her magic on. 


  1. This is a wonderful quilt. I've always wanted to make it and just haven't gotten around to doing it.
    Fondly, Etty

  2. Wow Jen this is so pretty! I really like how the blocks give the illusion of a circle.

  3. This is beautiful!!! The brown and green really complement each other and the secondary patterns are so fun: )

  4. I posted a comment on your flickr photo. Love this top/pattern. In answer to what pops out first. For me it is the circular design that this pattern shows. One of the reasons I love it and it shows you used a nice contrast of fabrics to show off the pattern! Wonderful job!