Monday, October 22, 2012

Almost back in the swing of things

Things have been crazy lately.  I'm completely redoing my guest bedroom right now, which is taking a lot of time. I'm almost at the final stages.  I'm just repairing one of the walls before I can finish painting and adding the final details.
It's a really bad picture (from my phone), but the room will be a blue color and will have some green and raspberry pink accents to it. I ordered a super girly, but modest in size, crystal chandelier for the room too!  I can't wait to see this room all together.

As a result, not a lot of sewing has taken place since everything from this room is being stored in my quilting room while I complete this.
I did manage to sew on the appliqued leaf to my pillow cover while at the BMQG meeting this weekend.  Now I just need to quilt it and assemble everything. 
And while I was watching the Patriots game yesterday (don't get me started on how they played - awful despite a win), I was busy sewing on the hanging sleeve to my Storm at Sea quilt so that my parents can finally hang it up in their beach house.

I have a crazy busy week at work this week, but hopefully after this week I will finally be able to move everything out of my quilting room by this weekend and will get my mojo back.

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  1. Love your leaf - the low volume patchwork background really makes it stand out!