Friday, July 19, 2013

What I've Been Working On

I've been pretty busy lately with work, having just taken on a new role. I have managed to steal a few hours here and there to work on a couple of things. Just not as much time as I would like.

I finished making all nine blocks, now I'm playing with layouts. The version above is what I'm leaning towards, but I'm still not positive. (Please look past the crappy photos, these blocks are HUGE, measuring about 26" square, so they won't all fit up on my design wall. I have been laying them out on my living room floor, making it hard to photograph the full quilt. I'm standing on my couch to take these pictures, and I can't even get the whole quilt in.)

This was the first layout I tried. I wasn't crazy about it because although you get the rainbow gradation, the balance of color value wasn't working for me. I'm all about balance.

I might take these blocks outside this weekend when I have some time to play around with the layout a bit more. Hopefully I'll settle on a layout soon.


  1. I like your layout.
    I have resorted to standing on the couch to get a full view pic too. :-)

  2. Ooooh, love the pearl bracelets background. Subtle but modern. Looking forward to how you decide on the layout.