Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Back...

I just got back from a week down in Orlando for work. Our company's annual trade show was being held down there this week, so I've been MIA for the past week because of that and the previous week because I was so busy getting ready for it, since my group was exhibiting at the show and I was responsible for organizing our booth there.

I did have half a day of free time that allowed me to head over to the Magic Kingdom around 1pm last Saturday. Some of my friends thought I was crazy for going by myself, but I didn't care. It was that or sit around in the hotel room. Hmm... I think I'll do something. Yup, I wasn't about to sit around and watch TV.

I had a fun time. Magic Kingdom is probably one of my favorite parks ever. The magic of being there, seeing the sparkle in all the kids eyes, being in such a happy place, is just wonderful and so enjoyable.

I arrived just in time for their afternoon parade as I was walking down Main Street.
I was surprised at how short the lines were. The longest wait was for my favorite ride, Splash Mountain, for 50 minutes, but I grabbed a Fast Pass and returned an hour later and walked right on. Besides that, the longest wait for some of the rides was only 20 minutes, and even then, there were many rides that I was able to practically just walk right onto.
I spent the day enjoying all the rides and shows and left after the Spectro Magic parade, which was pretty fun to watch. Hopefully I'll be able to do a little bit of quilting soon now that this major trade show is over, although we are really starting to pack up our place at full speed right now, so I'm probably going to have to pack up a lot of my stuff soon. I've already packed up some of it, but I'm probably going to need to pack up the rest of it fairly soon, since we close on the house hopefully next Friday, although I wouldn't be surprised it if got pushed back to the following week.

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  1. keep me updated on the house situation. did u get to meet donald duck!?