Saturday, August 11, 2012

BMQG Mini Quilt Challenge

For the BMQG special exhibit at the Lowell Quilt Festival, I helped arrange a mini quilt challenge for the show.  The guidelines were pretty simple, make a mini quilt, no more than 24" on any side in at least three colors of QuiltCon. 
I showed you my Dazzling Diamonds quilt over the past few weeks, but look at some of the other awesome quilts. Seriously?  The talent is amazing.

Here are some closeups of the awesome quilts!
This is Rebecca's quilt.  Her quilting on this is awesome.  I love the simplisity and her use of prints.  She used some of my favorites! 

This is Steph's mini quilt for the challenge.  I love how dramatic this quilt looks.  The scissor print binding is awesome too!

This is Karen's entry into the challenge.  I love spinning flying geese and this quilt is just awesome.  The quilting is simple to compliment the busy piecing.  Just awesome!

The awesome Alice made this mini quilt out of tiny tiny half square triangles.  We both bought the same bundle of solids for the challenge but our quilts look so different.  I really love how this came out, and the circular quilting adds some great movement to the quilt.

This mini quilt was made by Janis.  She sued some great print fabrics that go with the color scheme to make this awesomely funky mini.  I love the improvisational aspect of the quilt yet there's a decent amount of structure at the same time. 

This fun mini is Nancy's entry.  I love the way that she used just three colors - it makes such a great statement.  At first glance I think it looks like a fun forest with a bunch of colorful trees.  She also used some great prints in her quilt.

Finally, you have my entry.  It's funny seeing this one with all of the others.  My quilt looks so much darker than everyone's.  It just goes to show you how different people can interpret a challenge when given a set of colors to work with. I was the only one to not include white in my quilt.  I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but it certainly stands out.

To help engage visitors to the show, we're asking everyone to vote on their favorite quilt of the seven.  Which one is your favorite?  It's a hard choice, I know.  They're all so different and unique in their own awesome way.


  1. I love all those quilts - they are so different! I love yours best :)

  2. Yours. They're all lovely, but I love the vibrancy of yours.

  3. Loved the Modern Quilts show! Great eye candy!

  4. I loved the show and voted for your challenge.