Friday, August 17, 2012

Lowell Quilt Festival - The Main Exhibit

I've focused on all of the work that the BMQG put into the Lowell Quilt Festival and its special exhibit this year, but I'd also like to show off some of the great quilts at the main exhibit. I will say, I find the lighting to be very poor at this show.  It's held in an auditorium that's used for plays and shows, so it's not meant to have bright lighting.  I don't think the black draping helped either.  It was really hard to capture the true colors of the quilts. 

This festival is what got me started on quilting 10 years ago.  I went to a show, fell in love with the quilts, bought my first fat quarter bundle and pattern, and got to work.  Now, there are very few vendors, they offer no classes, and the venue doesn't exactly show the quilts in their best possible light.  With the World Quilt Show in Manchester always occurring the following weekend, I worry that this festival could be in trouble.  I used to go to this show for several days, vising and buying products from tons of vendors, taking classes, and going to the many exhibits. This year, I bought things from just two vendors, some thread from one and some Tula Pink Birds and the Bees fat quarters from another.

Anyway, sit back, and enjoy the show!


  1. You picked the best of the show in your photos! I agree that the lighting is awful & that the festival may be in trouble. What a shame! And I'm sorry you can't join us for the IQF this weekend, but have fun at the wedding!

  2. I totally agree - lighting is so disappointing. The venue you had for the BMQG display was SO superior to the dim auditorium, which is sad because there are many awesome quilts to see. Thanks for posting a picture of one of mine :-)