Wednesday, January 30, 2013

QuiltCon Linky Party

I'm lucky enough to be attending QuiltCon in a few weeks and thought I'd participate in the linky party to get to know folks who will be attending. 
As part of the party, we have been asked to share five things you may not know about ourselves.  

Here are five things you may not know about me:
  1. My sister and I are two years, two months, two weeks and two days apart (I'm older).  My mom and her sister are two years, two months, two weeks and two days apart.  My mom and dad are two years, two weeks and two days apart.  CRAZY, right?!?
  2. I don't drink anything with caffeine.  Another crazy thing!  It's not that I'm agains't caffeine, it's that I don't like the taste of coffee or most sodas with it, so I never drink it. 
  3.  LOVE dark chocolate, but the easiest way to ruin it is to mix it with peanut butter or coffee (see #2).  Milk chocolate is way to sweet for me. 
  4. While so many quilters I know love handmade bags, I love my designer handbags (and shoes).  I love my Burberry, Michael Kors, Tory Burch and other designers.  Maybe it's the fact that I work at a large corporation and the girls I work with all love designers too, but I've always had a thing for designers. Everyone has a guilty pleasure.
  5. I played baseball/softball for 13 years and am a diehard Boston Red Sox fan.  I know more about baseball and the Red Sox than most of the men that I meet.
I look forward to meeting so many of my fellow bloggers at QuiltCon in a few weeks!  Say hi if you see me.  


  1. That sure IS crazy!!! I know there are not many people who have those stats within their families!!

  2. No caffeine, how do you accomplish so much??? I'm with you on the bags though... Kate Spade rocks:-)

  3. Hi Jen, nice to meet you. I'm with you on the dark chocolate, but no coffee, yikes.

  4. Wow! that is an amazing coincidence.
    I didn't know the difference between coffee or tea until I graduated from my undergrad. But got addicted to tea when I started working and then coffee when I got married. With kids, now I can't live without my Tea :-).

  5. Hi Jen! Amazingly, I don't dring any caffiene either - even though people seem to think it is impossible to survive without it!

  6. Ha! I'm not a fan of handmade bags either...unless they are leather. I have a love affair with Coach.