Monday, April 22, 2013

Love from Boston

Many of you may have already seen the amazing outpouring of support from our friends in the Vancouver MQG: To Boston With Love. If you haven't read about this effort organized by the VMQG, please read more about it here.

Throughout this whole ordeal, we've seen images of love, courage and support. It's these images that we need to hold onto and remember years from now. It's the playing of Sweet Caroline at other MLB ballparks, even Yankee Stadium that need to be remembered. It's the pictures of those helping the injured without any thought of their own safety that should be remembered. It's the marathon runners finishing the race and continuing to run to donate blood that restore faith in humanity. It's the tributes pouring in from around the world, like at the London marathon, that show how truly amazing our society really is. And, it's efforts like those of the VMQG and other quilters that warm our hearts.

As a fellow member of the Boston MQG, I first and foremost want to say thank you to everyone who has shown their support and is taking the time to make flags. We met as a group over the weekend and talked about how amazing this gesture is and what it means to us. We're looking to do something ourselves as a guild, so stay tuned for more details.

Every one of us in the guild was affected one way or another. Many were on lockdown as the suspects were on the run. We knew people who were running or watching the marathon. So many of us went to school in the Boston area and frequented the areas where everything went down.

For me, I have watched that marathon at least half a dozen times in person. I've walked Boylston St. too many times to count. I went to college just outside the city and frequent it often. I was just there yesterday checking out my sister's new condo that she just purchased - not even 500 ft. from where the suspects lived. She's a teacher at the high school they went to, although she never actually taught them. Everyone I talk to has a similar story. This has hit incredibly close to home, which makes the outpouring love and support that much more meaningful and greatly appreciated.

Through all of this, I think we have shown the world how wonderful Boston is as a city. If you haven't visited our amazing city, I encourage you to come visit sometime. As you've seen, we're a very proud city filled with some amazing people.


  1. Thanks for these lovely words this morning ... :) Pat

  2. Such a lovely post. We are really all one community, so it's both easy and important to do something to help. This project started out as a small idea, and has now really caught on. There are now over 30 MQGs, and a number of individuals, from around the world making flags. It is going to be AWESOME!!
    Thanks for joining in on this project and for spreading the word.
    Berene (Vancouver MQG)