Friday, April 26, 2013

Pinwheel Party

I can officially call this quilt - Pinwheel Delight - finished! It was my goal to finish this one as part of A Lovely Year of Finishes, and I'm happy to report that my goal was met.

This isn't my usual color pallet - especially the mustard yellow. I am in love with this color pallet and might just need to make another one of these for myself. Or make another quilt in these same colors.

This quilt will be shipped off to my partner in the Modern She Made Swap this weekend. I'll be sad to see it go, but know it will be going to a good home. I've been a part of this swap since round one and have been impressed with the items created by the folks participating. There's always a catch - some element we need to incorporate into our items. This round we needed to include a star somewhere in our item.

I designed this block a while ago, so when the theme of stars was announced, I knew I wanted to make this quilt. I really love all of the secondary designs that are formed when you put multiple blocks together.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this turned out. All of the fabrics were from my stash but include: Kona Cotton, Quilters Linen, Oval Elements and Curious Nature.

I kept the quilting quite simple given the complexity of the front. Because so many pieces meet in one place at times, sewing over those areas would likely have resulted in a broken needle. You can really see the quilting on the back.

I created a pattern for this quilt with a 6" finished block like I used here in this quilt or a 12" finished block if you want to make something a bit bigger. You can find my pattern and others here:
Quilt Stats:
Pinwheel Party by Jen Sorenson of A Quilting Jewel
Finished Size: 18" x 18"
Fabric: Kona Cotton, Oval Elements, Quilters Linen, Curious Nature
Batting: Warm and Natural
Thread: Aurifil 50wt 2610


  1. I love the colors here too! They are great in your design! Lucky partner :)

  2. This quilt is stunning! I love the color pallet too.

  3. This really is a fabulous finish!!!

  4. how gorgeous! Love the pattern and the colors. :)

  5. These aren't colors I would gravitate to, but together they are lovely! Love your square design, too!

  6. Very interesting pinwheel quilt. Love the colors.

  7. Beautiful quilt, I love the simple layout and gorgeous colors!

  8. Great pattern and beautiful color palette ... :) Pat

  9. The quilt is beautiful. The colors work really well with the design.

  10. This is very sophisticated! Beautiful!!!