Thursday, January 13, 2011

My UFO Collection

Have you ever stopped to check out your UFO collection?  Yeah, I did that recently and realized I have quite a few.  Here are some of them and what I plan to do with them (schedule, if I have one, etc.)
This quilt was one of the first ones that I featured on this blog.  I still need to have this quilt quilted.  I might send this one out.  Basically, I'm not sure yet when I plan to have this finished.
Yet another quilt top that needs to be quilted.  I started to piece the back to get this quilted, but again, I'm not sure when I'm going to finish this one. 

This quilt also needs quilting.  I don't even know how I want to quilt it, so it will likely stay unfinished for a while.
This quilt is partially quilted.  I had issues with the tension with my old sewing machine, but I've yet to take it back out now that I have had my Bernina for the past year. 
These two are blocks from the McCall's Mystery quilt.  I hated how the quilt ended up, so I stopped making the blocks and put this one aside.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it now.  I'll have to find something else to do.
I still need to quilt this quilt as well.  I really love this quilt.  I've been waiting for my machine quilting stills to improve before I dig into this one. 
I made all of these hexagons from a 2.5" charm pack that I won but I haven't finished piecing them together.  Who knows when I'll get back to this.
I just have to get the binding on this quilt.  I plan to give this as a wedding present this year, so this will be finished by the end of the year.
I still need to quilt this quilt as well.  I'm thinking of doing something simple because there are so many small pieces, so hopefully this is one that will be completed this year.

I'm actually in the middle of quilting this top, so I should have this quilt finished once I get my sewing room back in shape. 
I still haven't received all of the BOMs for this quilt, so it is still in progress.  I would love to have it completed by next Christmas, but I don't know if that will actually happen.
These are the blocks I got back from the NEMQG bee.  I now need to figure out what to do with them all.  Hmm...
I made this block when I was learning to hand applique.  I now need to figure out how I want to finish it.  Hmm...
I need to figure out what I want to do next with this block.  Do I want to add a border, just quilt it.  I don't know.  I'm leaning towards a small border, but we'll see. 
My goal is to have the Fiesta! quilt top completed by mid-June so that I can send it off to the quilter then.  I just added myself to her schedule for August/September, so I should have some time. 
I have three more blocks that have been released for this BOM to catch up on and make all of the setting blocks.  I don't think I'll have this top finished by the end of the year, but we'll see.

This is a block I made that Carol Doak released to celebrate 4500 members in her Yahoon group.  It's now over 7000 members and I've yet to do anything with it.  I am so stumped with this one.  I don't know if I will ever finish it. 

Phew, that's a lot.  ::Sigh::


  1. Some great quilts in the making there. I am terrified to inventory my UFO collection. I fear I might have to face a serious problem LOL

  2. It's fun to see others UFO collections. I don't have nearly that many finished tops. Mine are more cut out quilts with a few blocks done. Love the Blush BOM and the green/purple quilt top. Keep on working on the UFO's and they will get better.

  3. love the UFOs....I'm afraid to get mine out...I would be disheartened, although I plan on completing a project before starting a new one( my New Year's Resoultion!!)

  4. Since I have just come back to quilting after 35 years or so of pursuing other things, I don't have UFOs yet. I only have two or three quiltes in the making. I am very impressed with your collection. Beautiful quilts.

  5. Those are some cool UFOs, and I'm sure they'll make some cool quilts!

    Must admit I'm a bit scared to actually lay out all my UFOs...

  6. Get quilting!!!
    (p.s. they are all fabulous)

  7. Gorgeous! looks like you will be busy in 2011!