Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Finish of 2012

Well, I finally have my first finish for 2012.  With my machine gone for 3 full weeks, I had time to prep a bunch of stuff to finish, and I actually finished something within a week of getting my machine back.  Whoo hoo.
This wall hanging finishes 15" square.
I used a wool batting to make the hexis pop with some echo quilting around them.
Here you can see the echo quilting.
Here's the back.  I love how it looks.  I put a label on the bottom right and I have triangles in the top to help hang the quilt.  I love this technique to hang a wall hanging.
Overall, I LOVE how this came out.  Even though the fabric isn't my style, I love this quilt.  It will be heading down to my in-laws in a few weeks when my husband goes down to visit his mom.


  1. This is gorgeous... Wonderful quilting. Have always wanted to try hexies.

  2. very nice work and beautiful quilting

  3. This is so pretty I had to Pin it!
    Diane In Illinois

  4. beautiful quilting - great little hexie quilt