Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tile Quilt Block 3 Finished

While traveling last week I managed to finish the third tile quilt that I started during my work trip to Vegas a few weeks ago.
These blocks take a LONG time to finish.  They will be cut down to finish at 10" when all said and done, but with 20+ pieces that need to be needle turned, they sure can take a while.  Basically, it took me four 4-hour flights to almost finish it and another hour or so at home.  I find needle turn applique on a plane to be more difficult than at home because of the vibration of the plane, so it certainly took longer than if I were at home.
Here are the first three blocks. 1/3 of the way done!  At this pace, maybe I'll finish in a few years! ::wink wink::


  1. I really love your blocks and I like your blog and all the other work alot!! I´ll be back again for sure.


  2. They are extremely cool though!!!