Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Name Badge/Business Card Holder

I've been meaning to make a name badge for a while now.  We've talked about it as a guild several times, and some folks have been on top of it, making name badges for themselves while I've slacked off making one.

With QuiltCon next week, I decided to make one, but I wanted it to be functional as well. I've been to my share of conferences for work, and my favorite badges are ones where you can store your room key and business cards in it.
This is what I came up with!  Overall, I think it came out good, but if I had to make another one, I'd make some changes to it.

First, I thought I left enough room so that the logo I printed (which printed MUCH lighter than I hoped) would be completely visible.  It's not bad, just not perfect.
One thing I would absolutely do again is make a center pocket where I have my name printed.  I did this so that I could easily put my business cards in this pocket.  I also thought that I could pin or clip a provided name badge at conferences to this section.  Because provided name badges will have my name already on it, it's not a big deal if my name on this is covered up.
The other thing I would do differently is the zipper.  I used a tutorial I found online since I have only installed a zipper in a bag I made 3-4 years ago once before.  The tutorial was great, but I don't think the technique was meant for this particular use.  If I had to do it again, I would install the zipper differently on this.
To finish it, I added a way to clip this name badge to the lanyard I made recently.  I made sure I used coordinating fabric for the name badge and the lanyard so that when worn together, they went well.

Overall, for making this up as I went along, I think this turned out pretty decent.  And, if I ever make another one, I'll know what to do differently the next time to make an even better finished product.  Hey, that's what this hobby is all about.  I've stated it before, but one of my personal goals for the year is to make more non-quilt related items, especially those using zippers to improve my skill set.  So, be on the lookout for more of these type of items from me!


  1. I love it! The fabrics are perfect :)

  2. Too cute!!! Now if I could just remember to wear my nametag to a BMQG meeting;-)

  3. Oh this is great! you should do a tutorial for us!

  4. It was great reading this post. I will surely try them, they are very unique.

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