Sunday, February 24, 2013

QuiltCon Day 3

I have to say, Day 3 was another awesome day at QuiltCon.  It was filled mainly with lectures, but there were some great lectures to listen to.

The day started with a lecture on copyrights and trademarks by Kristen Lejnieks.

Next up was David Butler from Parson Gray talking about modern lifestyle photography.  David was very entertaining and this was a great lecture to listen to.

After a quick stroll through the show floor, I went to the lecture from the other Butler - someone named Amy Butler.  You might have heard of her.  Anyway, Amy talked about color and where she gets her inspiration from.  Both David and Amy are fantastic story tellers and this was another great lecture.

We settled down for the rest of the day in the lecture hall after a quick lunch and listened to a panel on designing fabric.

Heather Grant came up next and talked about modern quilting, talking about the history of it and what defines modern quilting.  I disagreed with giving modern such a tight, rigid definition like she did, but it was still very interesting to hear her thoughts on the history of modern quilting.

Jacquie Gering was tasked with going right before the big keynote and delivered the only standing ovation lecture, presenting a passionate, engaging and heartwarming lecture on honoring tradition.  Jacquie shared her story about how she started quilting, her family history as creators and the inspiration behind many of her quilts.

To give you a sense of the lecture hall, this is what it looked like in between Jacquie's lecture and Denyse Schmidt's keynote.

Finally, Denyse Schmidt delivered her keynote talking about her roots as an artist and how she got into the quilt business.

We finished the night attending a pincushion swap meet up.  The Kansas City MQG host a pincushion swap a little while ago with several (I think seven or nine) guilds, and those of us at QuiltCon got to meet up with some of the folks who received or made our pincushion.

See, another great day! I'm said today is our last day, but I'm itching to get back in front of my beloved sewing machine.  I've gathered so much inspiration from the show that I'm ready to go back and create magic at my machine! 

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about this - especially the Heather Grant stuff. After seeing the quilts that won on another blog - I am starting to wonder if my quilts are even remotely "modern."