Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mark Lipinski Visit

I've been quiet the past few days because I've been dealing with an overflowing toilet in my apartment. It turned into this big ordeal because it ended up being the central line in my building... ugg I hate plumbing issues.  

This morning a local quilt shop won a competition to have Mark Lipinski visit and personally introduce his new line of fabric.  Emma's Quilt Cupboard in Franklin, MA created an adorable display using his previous line of fabrics.  Here are some pictures of their display.

Mark started, in his notoriously humorous way, talking about how he designed his line of fabrics based off of his collection of Polish pottery.  He made them in two colorways, the traditional blue and green colors of polish pottery and a black, red, and white line.
 To introduce the line to us, he made everyone close their eyes even though I'm sure a lot of people already saw the line online like I did.  He then pulled in the fabric in a red wagon.
Here I am with Mark getting my "banned" copy of his magazine signed.  
What a fun day.  After the event I went into Boston to watch my sister dive at her conference championships.  She won the 1 meter diving event last night and is currently in 1st going into tomorrow's 3 meter finals while celebrating her 22nd birthday today.  I'll be spending my day tomorrow watching her in the final two diving sessions in the predicted snow.  More on my quilting endeavors shortly.

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  1. Isn't Mark fantastically fun! I sat in on a lecture of his in Houston. My belly hurt I laughed so hard. And of course his fabric and magazine is just wonderful. So glad you had a great day!