Thursday, February 5, 2009

YAY!!! Finished the "Bright Bold Blocks" quilt!!!

I finally finished the "Bright Bold Block" quilt today.  Well, piecing the top that is.  Here it is!

Here's another picture of the border.  This is what took me so long to finish this top.  I used fabric that I had in my stash for this quilt, and I didn't quite have enough of one color, which meant that I was a row short height wise.  The quilt felt "stumpy" to me.  I "hum-ed and ha-ed" over how to make it longer.  This was my solution.  I like it.  It's something different that I haven't done before.

I still need to machine quilt it, but that will probably come a little later as with all of my pieced tops.  I have a feeling that as I get better at machine quilting I'll probably be more likely to jump right into the machine quilting. 

I'm so glad I got to finish this tonight.  Its been a long week at work.  The past few days I've had to take work home with me and have had a few late nights.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend.  I'm exhausted and need some quilt therapy to relax.  One more day of work...  

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  1. The quilt looks fantastic! I love the border, very unique. I hope you get some quality quilting time this weekend.