Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sew-vivor Season 2: Round 1 Entry - Sunrise Delight

I'd like to introduce you to my entry in the Sew-vivor Competition Season 2: Round 1: Sunrise Delight

Check out my quilt below and hop on over to Family Ever After and vote for your favorite project (wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- Mine maybe?).  And if you're looking to make your own version of Sunrise Delight, check out my Craftsy store where I have posted a pattern for this quilt.

This quilt reminds me of a beautiful sunrise with the soft butter yellow background and the early morning pink sky before the rich sky blue and earthy greens emerge. The sound of that just makes me happy.

I designed this paper pieced quilt pattern after being inspired by all sorts of kaleidoscope quilts in cyber space. But, like most things that I do, I couldn't just leave this as a simple kaleidoscope, I needed to add my own twist. So, I altered the diamonds or the tips of the stars to add more interest. I created my own paper pieced pattern and went to town.

For this round of the competition, we had to use emerald green - the Pantone color of the year.  As I designed this quilt, I knew I wanted to use the Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets in Emerald.  After going to multiple shops that carry Lizzy House, I couldn't find that print and I didn't have enough time to order it online.  I settled for the Kelly Green Remix print by Ann Kelle instead.  Most of us had a hard time finding a true emerald green, so it was decided that any shade of green would be acceptable for this challenge.

I was fortunate to have  the Boston Modern Quilt Guild retreat last weekend, which enabled me to spend time making this.  And boy was I determined to make this quilt during the retreat.  I started cutting and sewing the first day and put the final stitch on the binding (by hand, no less) at 1:00am that morning (or should I say, the following morning). I think I worked on this quilt for about 15-18 hours straight, stopping only to have a quick lunch and dinner. After retreat, I swung by my parent's beach house and took these pictures.

I machine quilted this quilt in a concentric circle.

I picked this quilting pattern for three reasons.

  1. I have wanted to do this on a quilt for a while now and this seemed like the perfect quilt to do it.
  2. I had limited time to get this project completed - less than a week! An all over quilting design was the only option if I had any chance of finishing on time.
  3. I wanted to highlight the secondary design that was created when all of the blocks were pieced together - the circle shape.

This quilt measures 36" x 36" square. There are nine paper pieced blocks and a total of 200 different pieces in this wall hanging.

For the back, I went with a Joel Dewberry Chestnut Hill print I got on sale that had the same beautiful rich blue and soft yellow.  For the binding, I went with the same Navy from Simply Color by V & Co.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Sunrise Delight by Jen Sorenson (me!)
Finished Size: 36" x 36"
Fabric Used: Kona Cotton, Remix, Oval Elements, Simply Color and Lucky Penny, Chestnut Hill
Thread: So Fine #50 517
Batting: Warm and Natural


  1. the photo of the quilt on the rocks with the ocean in the background is gorgeous !

  2. Its super cool! I just voted for you :-).

  3. What a fabulous place for your photo shoot!!! Good luck:-)

  4. 200 different pieces! Wow!
    Nice job!

  5. This is a really stunning quilt! I cannot believe how quickly this went together! Bravo!

  6. Lovely colors! I am very partial to that circular quilting pattern. I think it makes a nice counterpoint to quilts with points and angles.

  7. What an impressive location to snap a shot of a quilt - or anything for that matter. I love the fabric on the back and really think the concentric circle quilting "rocks":) What a great finish!

  8. Oooo, stunning quilt! I love the overall effect of the circle you get when it's all pieced together. I just love it when patterns reveal themselves in places you don't always expect.

  9. This is beautiful. I am heading over to craftsy right now to get your pattern.

  10. I, too, love the setting for your quilt shot, and I was blown away by how many pieces it contains. It's beautiful!