Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Machine Quilting

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It's not uncommon for me to make a quilt top and leave it unfinished for a decent amount of time. Hoping to break that habit a bit, I decided to piece the back and begin quilting my Mod Hex 2 quilt.

And after the spiral quilting I did on my Sunrise Delight quilt, I knew I wanted to do the same quilting on this quilt.

The center is the hardest part because you practically take one or two stitches before turning the quilt. That's the one part that I could really use some additional practice at.  The rest of the quilting, I think, looks really good.

Once you get going, and out of the very center, it starts to quilt up pretty quick.

But then it slows down a bit when you get to the outside of the quilt, when it takes longer to make a full circle.  This is how far I got after two hours of quilting.  I'd estimate I have another two to three hours left to go on this baby.  


  1. It looks like quite the process! I love the spiral in the middle with the more angular shapes on the outside. Good choice!

  2. Another One! Nice large spiral quilting. Looks good.

  3. All I can say is WOW! The spiral is amazing.

  4. Love your quilting! I pinnes the other as a quilting idea and will use it on a giant Lemoyne star quilt IM making.

  5. Amazing - did you mark it first or just use the foot distance? Looks perfect.

  6. I LOVE a nice circular quilting design. I find it easiest to make a freezer paper circle for the center and iron it on to my quilt. Then I use my FM foot to slowly quilt around it. From there I can usually use my walking foot for the rest of the rings.